About BowMeow

BowMeow is a not-for-profit community group committed to helping people care for their pets. At the moment we are only located in the Leichhardt Municipality. We are supported by the Leichhardt Municipal Council.

The Concept:

As people grow older, become disabled, have to change accommodation etc they are often worried about what would happen to their beloved pets. Because of these fears, many people, especially the aged, choose not to have a pet.

Research shows the huge health benefits of pet ownership. We want to provide enough local support that people don't have to decide not to have a pet simply because of such worries. We want to encourage pet ownership.

The Service:

Our services are FREE. We aim to help in two ways.

  • provide a group of volunteers who can take dogs for a walk, care for animals if the owner goes into hospital, or moves into a refuge or other accommodation, provide a ride to take pets to the vet or whatever help may be needed.

  • link older, retired people, with other people who would love someone to give their dog extra TLC when they are away at work - becoming a sort of pet 'grandparent'.

Local Support:

Linking people with others in the community provides important social support for both parties. This is particularly important for senior citizens. We believe that this is a real win-win situation. The individuals concerned and the local community all benefit.






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Barking Mad is a national lobby group whose aim is to get a better deal for pet owners. Barking Mad is dedicated to fighting for the rights of pet owners and hopes that, one day, Australia can become more like Europe, where pets are accepted as family members, can travel on public transport, live in flats and apartments and can accompany owners into restaurants.

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