Useful contacts:

Barking Mad - Equity for Pet owners. They will lobby until laws about companion animals reflect our relationship with our pets.

The RSPCA has a Save our Seniors Program. They know that the retirement lifestyle of an older person often mix well with the lifestyle of an older dog - resulting in quality retirement companionship for both.

PaintedPets - Moving away from traditional pet portraiture, artist Suzy King uses strong colour, design and an innovative approach to create vibrant contemporary pet portraits in oil.

DoggyMates - Internet friendship site for dogs. e.g. doggy day care, dog minding and dog social events.

Pets Playground - Pet friendly holidays, services & retailers guide for Aussie pet owners!

Pet Supersavers is a team of Aussie pet lovers dedicated to providing the BIGGEST range, the best brands and at all the lowest prices. Save up to 60% on retail pricing of medications, fashion, accessories, toys and treats.

Australia Pet Social Network is a website which hopes to bring pet lovers together and let them learn from each other.

Our Friends

BalmainDogs - a good site to learn about the dogs in Balmain and how they play and socialise together

Jendi - the "Little Bitch from Down Under" - her site has lots of information about Australia and also has cute pictures of all her friends from all over the world.

Jangles - Jangles is pretty cute too. And his site has a special Memorial Quilt where you can place a patch for your beloved pet who has passed on to the Rainbow Bridge


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